McIntosh Lake – Longmont, Colorado

Starting with manhole #1, at approximately 25’ deep of excavation a new 90” diameter manhole was installed with a 48” diameter Hobas pipe. Existing 24” diameter VCP pipe was removed. At approximately 250’ of outlet works pipe, a 48” diameter pipe was installed at the surface of the creek for bypass. Bypass went over the outlet works pipe encasement (another 14’ deep and less than 100’). Installation of outlet works pipe continued until arrived and connected to manhole #2.

Removal of existing sanitary sewer 12” diameter PVC pipe (and disposed offsite) with a 10” diameter PVC pipe. Approximately 65 feet were relocated; SE of existing 48” diameter sanitary sewer manhole. A new 48” diameter manhole was installed at the end of the 65’ of new pipe. Inverts were cast in place for sanitary sewer manhole. The total depth of the trench was approximately 7’.