Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with superior service and a quality product at the best value. By meeting or beating our customers’ expectations, American West Construction, LLC shall maintain a reputation within its industry as a trustworthy, competent, and professional organization.

Areas Of Expertise

Our Projects Involve:

  • Wet Utility Construction
  • Dam Construction/ Rehabilitation
  • Earthwork and Excavation
  • Road Construction
  • Channel/Drainageway Construction
  • Pipe Rehabilitation


AWC self-performs the following work:

Utility Construction

  • Waterline
  • Storm Sewer
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Underdrain

Earthwork/ Road Construction

  • Mass Excavation
  • Structure Excavation and Backfill
  • Roadway Grading
  • Aggregate Base Course Placement

Dam Construction/ Reconstruction

  • Dewatering/ Water Control/ Coffer Dams
  • Earthwork
  • Riprap Placement
  • Gate/ Valve Work

Channel Work

  • Riprap Placement
  • Boulder Placement
  • Grouting Operations

Pipe Rehabilitation With Trenchless Technologies

  • Sliplining
  • Annular Space Grouting with Cellular Concrete
  • Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe (CCCP)(i.e. spraylining)
  • Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)
  • Pipe Bursting

20 Years In Business

In 2022, American West Construction celebrated 20 years in business with a party downtown followed by a Colorado Rockies game.



Since our inception in 2002, American West Construction, LLC (AWC) has completed a wide variety of challenging construction projects. In June of 2003, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) called upon AWC to repair a sink hole that had forced the closure of I-70 near Vail, Colorado. AWC and its subcontractors worked around the clock for the next three months to repair a failed culvert underneath the highway. AWC received a project management award from CDOT for this project.

Since then, AWC has continued to grow. Our work has included projects for both public and private owners. AWC has excelled at challenging projects that require innovative approaches to completing the work.