Fort Logan Cemetery – Fort Logan, CO

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contracted with Decatur Construction (Decatur) for the Veteran Administration’s expansion of the Ft. Logan Cemetery in Denver, CO. The project involved installing 5,210 full sized, preplaced crypts; 200 cremains, preplaced crypts; 80,000 cubic yards of site grading; 12 acres of landscaping and irrigation work (to include 10 acres of sod); site drainage; fencing; concrete and asphalt paving; and site monumentation.

As one of Decatur’s principal subcontractors, AWC worked closely with Decatur’s on-site staff to construct the project in accordance with Decatur’s and the contract schedule. AWC performed the grading work in advance of Decatur’s crypt placement crews and then followed Decatur’s crypt placement by backfilling the crypt field and beginning the irrigation and landscape restoration work. Following the installation of all the irrigation and sod, AWC will complete the site restoration to include a gravel roadway, perimeter fencing and gate, and native seeding/mulching.