Weld County Critical Culvert Lining

The project was specified for all three culverts to be either sliplined or CIPP. American West Construction proposed to spincast (CCCP) to minimize impacts to wetlands and reduce the footprint on the surrounding properties which would have required coordination for access.

We began by doing one week of cleaning and prep on all three culverts because of the lead time on the super sacks of PL8000. There were three coats at site 1, three coats at site 2, and two coats at site 3 needed. The spincast days were split up over the course of about a month due to the holidays, foreman time off, and weather.

We heated the pipes the day prior to spinning to get them up to temperature and left the heater on for a day after completion and also left the concrete blankets over the ends of the pipe for a week after the final coat to ensure it would cure.

We did a small amount (0.1 ac) of seeding and mulching on the south side of Hwy 52, east of the culvert to repair damages done by the loader bringing equipment down the hill.