Brantner Gulch – Adams County, Colorado

Recently we had the pleasure to finish this project for Adams County; here are some facts about the project! The purpose of the 4300-man-hour project was the culmination of ten years of planning to construct a new culvert adjacent to the golf course, which would be flooded each year. The work began in September 2015 and concluded in June of 2016.

This project was Riverdale Road Crossing on Lower Brantner Gulch located at 128th and Riverdale Road in Adams County, Colorado. It consisted of the installation of a triple cell concrete box culvert underneath Riverdale Road. In order to construct the structure, a temporary traffic diversion was created to reroute traffic around the project area. The area was then excavated, the concrete structure was formed, then poured and backfilled, and traffic was placed back onto its original alignment. Improvements were also done to the gulch running under Riverdale Road. The final product consisted of the new box culvert, decorative rock veneer, a protective decorative handrail, new trees and shrubs, and seeding throughout the site. Through the ten months and 4300 man-hours, there were no accidents or incidents on the project!